Engineering, Testing, and R&D
Fiore Industries - IT & Cyber Security

Database and Software Engineering

Oracle Application, Development and Administrative Services

  • Database Design
  • Distributed Client - Server Applications
  • Web Application Development Using VB, ASP, .NET
  • Application Development Using Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Windows & Linux/UNIX platforms
  • Disaster Recovery - Fault tolerant design, Clustering
  • Multi-terabyte Very Large Database (VLDB)
  • Oracle Business Alliance Program Partner


  • National Laboratories
    • Sandia National Laboratory
    • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • State Agencies
    • New Mexico Department of Transportation
    • New Mexico Department of Game & Fish
    • New Mexico Department of Environment
  • Federal Agencies
    • Western Area Power Administration
    • US Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Forest Service
  • Educational Agencies
    • University of New Mexico Hospital
    • Smithsonian
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