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CAD Design & Drafting

Fiore has the capabilities and facilities to perform low-rate production and high-quality prototyping. A full complement of computer aided design and simulation tools enables us to custom design mechanical and electrical products to meet customer requirements. Fiore uses the latest computer simulations, backed by test, for rapid product development, including solid modeling (Mechanical Desktop and Pro-E) and finite element analysis (FEA) for structural/thermal analysis. Additionally, have access to rapid prototyping technologies such as stereo-lithography for advanced engineering models and test fixtures. Fiore can produce everything from custom-made components to completely engineered systems.

Fiore Industries CAD Capabilities

CAD Design & Drafting

CAD Design & Drafting

Supporting the Development of Prototype Test Equipment for the Air Force Research Laboratory

Effective Configuration Management of Inter-related Components

Split Cavity Oscillator Component Subassembly

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